Mahasiswa Internasional


  1. Secondary school certificate
  2. Secondary School transcript
  3. Equalization of certificate from ministry of education and culture
  4. Indonesian Language Proficiency Test Certificate (UKBI) from Ministry of Education and culture with minimum score 405 (PERMENDIKBUD No. 70 Tahun 2016)
  5. Copy of passport all pages
  6. Financial Security Letter
  7. Health Certificate covering drug fee statement
  8. Medical certificate for color vision issued by doctor for students who choose Visual and Communication Design, Product Design, Film and Television Production as their Major Field
  9. Pasport Photo with size  4x6



  1. Please Directly come to the new student admission secretarial (PENMARU) Institute of Businesss and  Informatics Stikom Surabaya 1st floor Blue Building (Lobby), Jl. Raya Kedung Baruk 98 Surabaya, Post Code 60298 Phone. (031) 8721731 (hunting), Fax. (031) 8710218, SMS. 085655221417.
  2. Online access through



TANPA TES (Evaluasi nilai raport kelas X dan XI)
TANPA TES periode 2 (Evaluasi nilai raport kelas X dan XI)
TES - (Materi yang diujikan : TPA + Tes Gambar)

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